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Use These 6 Proven Tricks to Book Cheap Flights

Are you someone who is always on the go or just looking for cheap flights for your next vacation? We’ve listed 6 tricks which will help you book cheap airline tickets. Use these tricks while purchasing your flights next time and save a significant amount of money.

1. Be flexible with your travel dates

Many websites on the internet claim that buying plane tickets on Tuesdays or traveling on weekdays save you money. But that’s not always true. We recommend you to check the prices for the entire month. This will help you get a clear picture of the cheaper days for your vacation. We also recommend you to try different departure and return date combinations. You can save maximum on your vacation if you are flexible with your travel dates.

2. Go for regional airlines

Many regional and budget airlines do not appear on all the search engines. We recommend you create a list of all the airlines flying to your destination and then find out the cost of airplane tickets. Book the cheapest flight and splurge on dining and shopping. Remember, these airlines may charge you extra for every value added service. Know the fee for services before booking your cheap flight tickets.

3. Use private browsing window for finding bargains

Did you notice that fare prices change every time you search for your flights? Well, that may be happening due to the browser cookies. Almost all the airlines and booking websites use cookies to offer you better experience. Also the same cookies are used to create urgency so you buy the tickets. Searching your flight tickets in incognito mode will not activate these cookies and the prices will not change until they are genuinely changed by the airline.

4. Book your flights well in advance

If you can’t be flexible with your travel dates or destination – try booking your flights well in advance to keep from overpaying. Airlines generally increase their fares about 14 days before the date of flight departure. Therefore, avoid last minute flights booking unless there is no other option. Online surveys show that the best time to book flights to anywhere about 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

5. Sign up for fare alerts

Many airline and travel booking websites offer fare alerts and you don’t have to pay anything for that. Just fill in your email id and you will be notified every time the fares drop. Check your inbox frequently when you have a plan to travel to not miss on a great deal. We recommend you sign up for multiple newsletters and fare alerts and compare the deals available to you before booking airlines tickets.

6. Book connecting flights

Here, we are not asking you to simply go on a flight booking platform and pick the first indirect flight available to you. If you want the cheapest flights to anywhere, spend some time on the internet and find out various routes from your origin airport to your destination airport. Try different route combinations and grab the cheapest flight tickets. Make sure you give yourself enough time between two flights so that you don’t risk missing your connecting flight.

Expert Guide to Save on International Flight Tickets 

Airfare is the most expensive component of any travel expense, so the first thing which comes up to mind when someone looks for a flight ticket is the best deal and discounts associated with it. In the case of international travel, it becomes all the more important to look for the best possible options as the international flight ticket prices are usually on the higher side.  

You may like to consider these tips which have been compiled by the travel experts, to help you save on your international flight tickets.

Early booking to fetch cheap flight tickets

Typically, the price of plane tickets increases in the final three weeks before departure. One of the simplest methods to ensure you get the best deal is to book as soon as possible. If you book between three months to 30 days of your departure, you should be able to get the best pricing. You must check travel search engines that offer price predictor algorithms that analyze past price trends to estimate whether ticket prices will rise, fall, or stay the same. These forecasts aren’t always accurate, but they’re usually quite close after crunching the numbers on thousands of different routes. 

Consider taking an alternate route

It can often be less expensive to take a different route via connecting flights than to go directly to your destination. You can fly to your destination from a local airport rather than the big airport if it is less expensive. Always try to be flexible with your travel plans and discover a less expensive option as these will increase your chance of getting cheap flight tickets.

Follow social media to take advantage of exclusive offers

Try to follow the airlines on social media. They routinely advertise appealing cheap flight ticket offers and deals on those sites. You can also sign up for a newsletter from any airline. It will keep you informed about their most current cheap flight offers.

You need to learn as you go looking for tickets the trick of how to find cheap flights to anywhere, this going to make your trip more smooth.

Keep an eye out for frequent flier miles and points

For frequent flyers, most major airlines operate a frequent flyer program. You can join a frequent flyer program if you prefer a specific airline and fly with them frequently. Participating in such schemes can earn you points or miles on your flight. You may utilize them in a variety of ways, such as getting discounts on your next flight ticket, free upgrades, and even a free flight depending on how many miles you have. Airlines increasingly reward customers who use specific credit or debit cards with points or discounts.

Be Flexible with the travel schedule

A judicious way to save on your flight tickets is to travel on a flexible schedule. Fewer people prefer to fly mid-week or on holidays like Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Days, so it is one of the easiest methods to avail cheap airlines tickets if you plan to travel on these days.

Consider Taking a Connecting Flight

Booking a connecting trip rather than a non-stop flight can save you money if you aren’t in a hurry to get to your final destination. You can filter flight itineraries by non-stop, one-stop, and two-stop flights using the search engines. Flying with a combination of flights may also save you money.

Check out budget Airlines

Earlier, there were only traditional pricey airlines if you wanted to travel between continents. This is no longer the case. You can now fly most of your destinations around the world on a low-cost airline. They might not offer premium facilities, and you’ll have to pay extra for premium amenities like checked luggage and meals, but they’re still cheaper. While a major airline can take you almost everywhere, the airfares can be significantly higher.

Make Use of Several Travel Portals

You should compare prices with at least one third-party booking site before booking directly with the airline. A better flight deal can sometimes be found via a third-party website. There are several to pick from on the internet.

Look through the airline specials

You might be able to get some last-minute flight deals directly from the carrier if you wait until the final weeks to book. This option is hit-or-miss, as it is completely the airline’s desire to sell any remaining seats. Or if they’ve just started a new route and want to create interest.

Skip Baggage Fees by Using an Airline Credit Card

Most airline loyalty cards will waive baggage costs for at least one traveling companion if you need to check a bag. You may check in a considerable number of items of baggage for free with some prominent cards. The only two requirements are that you book a flight directly with the carrier and pay for it with that credit card. You can either redeem your miles through your credit card’s travel gateway or transfer them to your airline’s loyalty program to top up your account and book a journey directly with the airline.

Check out flight tickets in different currencies

To save money on airfares, look for flights to a country with a weaker currency if your country’s currency has become higher in contrast to other countries currencies. Even though the airline and booking class are identical, airline ticket prices can differ dramatically by using this technique. This technique may not ensure complete success however, if your currency is already performing well, it’s worth a try.

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